Ranger Spellcasting

By 3rd level, you have learned to use the magical essence of nature, much as a druid does, to cast spells a certain number of times per day.

See: Spellcasting & Ranger Spells

Spells per Day

Your ranger level determines the number of ranger spells that you can cast of 1st level or higher, as noted int he Ranger table. You must complete a long rest to regain any castings—also called spell slots—that you use.

Spell Preparation. You decide which ranger spells are available to you to cast each day. After completing a long rest, you prepare the list of ranger spells that you can cast of 1st level or higher, choosing from the list Ranger Spells. Alternatively, you can forgo spell preparation to use the same list of spells you used the day before.

Your list can contain a number of ranger spells equal to 1+half your ranger level, and the spells can be of any spell level that is available to you as shown in the ranger spells per day table below.

Preparing your spells requires time spent in meditation: at least one minute per spell level for each ranger spell you prepare. You don’t have to prepare all your spells at once. If you like, you can prepare some later in the day.

Ranger Spells per Day Lvl 1 Spells Lvl 2 Spells Lvl 3 Spells Lvl 4 Spells Lvl 5 Spells
Lvl 1 Ranger - - - - -
Lvl 2 Ranger - - - - -
Lvl 3 Ranger 2 - - - -
Lvl 4 Ranger 3 - - - -
Lvl 5 Ranger 3 - - - -

Casting a Prepared Spell When you cast one of your prepared spells, you expend a casting of the spell’s level or higher. The spell itself is not expended. for example, if you have animal friendship and goodberry prepared and have two 1st-level castings available, you can cast each spell once or cast one of those spells twice.

Magic Ability

Wisdom is your magic ability for your ranger spells. The DC to resist one of your spells equals 10 + your Wisdom modifier.

Ranger Spellcasting

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