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    h4. *Cities:* [[Port O'nor]] h4. *General Knowledge:* [[Midieval Life ]] h4. *Handbook:* [[Combat]] [[Skills]] [[Backgrounds]] [[Magic]] [[Conditions]] [[Equipment]] [[Treasure]] [[Item Rarity]] [[Inhabitants]]

  • Tracking

    [[Skills]] Tracking: 1 minute, auto succeed tracking other creatures, except in the following circumstances: * More than 24 hours have passed since the creatures passed. * The creatures intentionally obscured their trail. * Weather, such as snow …

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    [[Spells]] are wielded by many of the heroes and villains of Dungeons & Dragons. Characters of different classes have different ways of learning and preparing their spells, but when it comes to casting them, the spells are very much alike. This section …

  • Davian "Minty" Taletreader

    *Motivation:* Tasked by an Elven high-lord to help track and locate Orc General Grimloch Gore and his growing army. *Fault:* Compelled to help the innocent when he is asked for it directly, especially by beautiful women. Fierce distrust of Orc-kind. …

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