Mits of Meek and Might


Uncommon wondrous item

Casting Time: 1 Action
Duration: 1 Minute

The item is imbued with illusion magic, allowing its wearer to alter the item’s appearance of their hands to the general another creature up to size large. Such alterations don’t change how the item is worn, carried, or wielded and have no effect on its other magical properties. For example, the wearer could make their hands appear like that of a human, an orc, or an owlbear. The item reverts to its true appearance when no one is carrying or wearing it.

Property: The mits have 6 charges per day. As an action, you whisper the name of the form you want the mits to take. When creating a monstrous form up to the size of a large creature you can add +1 Bonus to Cha Intimidate checks. When creating a humanoid form you can add +1 Bonus to Cha Deception or Persuasion if the target finds the form favorable. The target must make a save vs a DC of 10 or the wearer’s spell DC, whichever is greater.


Mits of Meek and Might

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