Mengu of Warning

Mask of Initiative and Dragon warning


The partial mask is Draconic, made from scales and talons shed by a dragon during its life. The item incorporates precious metals and gems from the dragon’s hoard. It grows warm when a dragon is within 100 feet of it and whispers warnings to its bearer, readying them for battle. The bearer feels a sense of distaste on first touching or handling the item, and continues to sense foreboding or discomfort while using or carrying it, and sharp pain when any of it’s powers are activated.

Property: When within 100 feet of a dragon, item grows warm. Whispering grants +2 to Initiative with a .5% chance (rolling 1 on d20) of losing an action first round. If wearer has advantage on initiative, they can still take the higher initiative roll for their initiative order on the next round.


Value: 1000gp

Mengu of Warning

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