Davian "Minty" Taletreader

3rd Level Half-Elf Ranger - 2017/2250xp


5’8" tall 200 lb. Male Half-Elf with brown hair and eyes.

AC 15(17)/10 HP/Max 30/30 HitDice 3x 1d10+2 (Resting)
Initiative 1d20+3 Speed 30ft Vision Low-Light Vision
Spell DC 10
Ability Modifier Weapon Attack Damage Type
Str 15 +2 Longbow heavy, 2h +5 1d10+3 P
Dex 16 +3 Poison Arrow 1 action 1 minute 1d4* DC 10
Con 14 +2 Short Sword light, finesse, 1h +5 1d6+3 P
Int 12 +1 Short Sword light, finesse, 1h +5 1d6+3 P
Wis 14 +2 Long Sword versatile +5 1d8(1d10) S
Cha 14 +2 St Leather AC 13 +Dex (2)

Prepared Ranger Spells:

(3) Level 1 Spell Castings
Hunter’s Mark
Cure Wounds
Speak with Animals

Abilities, Skills, & Proficiencies:

Str Athletics +2 Bonus – Guide Wis Perception +2 Bonus + Advantage – Ranger w/ Keen Senses
Str Climber’s kit +2 Bonus – Guide Wis Survival +2 Bonus – Guide
Dex Stealth +2 Bonus – Ranger Wis Animal handling +2 Bonus – Ranger
Int Nature +2 Bonus – Guide Wis Mounts (Land) +2 Bonus – Guide
Wis Navigator’s Tools +2 Bonus – Guide

Saving Throws:

vs. Charm Advantage – Fey Ancestry
vs. Magic (Sleep) Immune – Fey Ancestry
Dex Saves +2 Bonus – Ranger
Wis Saves +2 Bonus – Ranger

Class Features:

Lvl 1: Tracking
Lvl 2: Fighting Style – Two-Weapon Fighting
Lvl 2: Path of the Horde Breaker – Hordeslayer
Lvl 3: Ranger Spellcasting


Trait – Wanderer


Armor: light armor, medium armor, shields,
Weapons: all simple & martial weapons, & riding.
Tools: Mounts (land), Climber’s Kit, Navigator’s Tools, Poison
Skills: Stealth, Perception, Animal Handling, Athletics, Nature, Survival.
S/R/W: Common, Elvish, Orc, Choose 1

EquipmentEncumbered (10xStr) 150 lbs. Max Carry (20xStr) 300 lbs.
Current Weight of Equipment 54 lbs. Push/Drag/Lift (50xStr) 750 lbs.
Studded Leather Armor 13 lbs. 25gp Worn
Farspeaking Collar 1 lb. ???gp Worn
Short sword 2 lbs. 10gp Strapped to Person
Short sword 2 lbs. 10gp Strapped to Person
POUCH (Easy Access) 0/5 lb. 1gp Worn
BACKPACK 26/30 lbs. 2gp Worn
Long sword 4 lbs. 15gp Strapped to Backpack
Shield 8lbs 10gp Strapped to Backpack
Long bow 2 lbs. 50gp Strapped to Backpack
Arrows (20) 2 lbs. 2gp Strapped to Backpack
- Arrows (20) 2 lbs. 2gp
- Navigator’s Tools 2 lbs. 25gp
- Climber’s Kit 5 lbs. 25gp
- Coin Pouch (0g) 1 lbs. 1gp
SACK 15/30g Carried
- Rope, Hemp (50’) 10 lbs. 1gp
- Bedroll 5 lbs. 1gp

Motivation: Tasked by an Elven high-lord to help track and locate Orc General Grimloch Gore and his growing army.

Fault: Compelled to help the innocent when he is asked for it directly, especially by beautiful women. Fierce distrust of Orc-kind.

Most recent accomplishment: While passing near the small borderland town of Shiloh which had been overrun by a goblin captain named Sprugg, Mint aided the human militia recapture it. A band of adventurers had been sent from a nearby town to investigate, and finding the situation handled upon arrival, were impressed. The leader of the group, also a half-elf presented him with a single, special, arrow…
Father – human ranger (guide), Mother – Unknown elf

Davian "Minty" Taletreader

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