Port O'nor

Port O’nor is a growing port town at the meeting of the Rock Teeth Mountains and the southern wide-woods forest, west of the Paloune River Delta. The closest city is an unclaimed province 13 days southwest from the city of Gat√łken.

Previously known as Honorport, the 500 inhabitants subsisted through fishing, foraging, and copper trade. Recently, a few new high-value items have come out of Port O’nor which is turning heads and bringing new wealth into the town.

The city spreads sparsely from the dagger peninsula out towards the mountains, hills and forests that surround it. All of the buildings are getting fresh coats of white paint and wood scaffolding is everywhere as buildings are being erected to meet the influx of people.

Adventurers are being beckoned to clear the outer ares of the ever present Gogh-Van goblins and join the city militia called the Watch.

Merchants are setting up shop to support the new trades and cater to the influx of adventurers seeking gold and glory. The Siren’s Mark has a new madam, and the this new place called the Yapping Ginger is serving a ginger beer unique to the city.

The Town Square has been moved up the hill next to the Skycrash Manor.

The Docks are expanding with shipbuilding and the Fuller Market in the old town square.

The new North Gate greets newcomers as the stone Outer Wall is being built to keep outsiders out.

Port O'nor

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