Fanderbell Witherwisk

3rd Level Gnome Rogue Thief - 2017/2250xp


3’ tall 65 lbs. Male gnome with red hair and green eyes. Speak, read, and write Common & Gnomish

AC 15/13 HP/Max 15/15 HitDice 3x 1d6 (Resting)
Initiative 1d20+3 Speed 25ft Vision Low-Light Vision
Ability Modifier Weapon Attack Damage Type
Str 8 +1 Light Crossbow 80/320, load, 2h +5 1d6+3 Piercing
Dex 16 +3 Thrown Dagger 30/120, light, finesse, throw +3 1d4+1 Piercing
Con 12 +1 Dagger light, finesse, thrown +5 1d4+3 Piercing
Int 14 +2 Rapier finesse +5 1d8+3 Piercing
Wis 10 +0 Sneak Attack Adv/Flanked +1d6
Cha 14 +2 Studded Leather AC 13 +Dex (Max 2)

Minor Illusion
Speak with Small Beasts

Ability Checks:

Dex Sleight of Hand +2 bonus – Background Cha Deception +5 bonus – Background
Dex Acrobatics +2 bonus – Expertise Cha Disguise Kit +2 bonus – Background
Dex Stealth +5 bonus – Expertise Wis Insight +2 bonus – Background
Dex Search +5 bonus – Expertise Int Gaming Kit +2 bonus – Background
Dex Thieves Tools +5 bonus – Class/ Expertise

Climb (100% speed) – Burglary
Jump +10 ft long, +5 ft. high
Cunning Action – Disengage, Hide, Hustle, Disarm trap (SoH), Open lock (SoH), use Object (SoH)

Saving Throws:
vs. Magic Int/Wis/Cha Advantage – Gnome Cunning
Dex Saves +2 Bonus

Class Features:
Lvl 1: Expertise
Lvl 1: Sneak Attack
Lvl 2: Cunning Action
Lvl 2: Thieves’ Cant
Lvl 3: Thievery – Burglary
Lvl 3: Thievery – Fast Hands

Charlatan – False Identity

Proficient: (Can add ability modifier)
Armor: Light armor, medium armor,
Weapons: Simple weapons, hand crossbow, light crossbow, long sword, rapier, short sword
Tools: Thieves tools, Disguise Kit, Gaming Kit
Skills: Acrobatics, Stealth, Search, Slight of Hand, Deception, Insight
S/R/W: Gnomish, Common, Choose 1

Equipment:Encumbered (10xStr) 80 lbs. Max Carry (20xStr) 160 lbs.
Current Weight of Equipment 61 lbs. Push/Drag/Lift (50xStr) 400 lbs.
WORN 19 lbs.
Red Bird Feather 0 lbs. 0gp Worn
Studded Leather Armor 13 lbs. 25gp Worn
Dagger (5) 5 lbs. 10gp Strapped to Person
Thieves’ Tools 1 lb. 25gp Strapped to Person
POUCH (Easy Access) 0/5 lb. Worn
BACKPACK 29/30 lbs. Worn
Light Crossbow 6 lbs. 25gp Strapped to Backpack
Crossbow Bolts (20) 3 lbs. 1gp Strapped to Backpack
Silk Rope (50 ft.) 5 lbs. 10gp Strapped to Backpack
- Disguise Kit 8 lbs. 25gp
- Forger’s Kit 2 lbs. 25gp
- Coin Purse (26g) 5 lbs. 1gp
SACK 13/30g Carried
- Mess kit 1 lb. 1sp
- Tinderbox 1 lb. 5sp
- Rations (2) 2 lbs. 2sp
- Waterskin (full) 4 lbs. 2sp
- Bedroll 5 lbs. 1gp

Motivation: Fanderbell seeks to find fame to outshine his father so he will be welcomed back into his home. He must accomplishing great feats of thievery and receive credit, without getting caught.

Fault: Fanderbell is both prideful of his heritage, and hurt by his father’s rejection. This causes him to be reckless in taking on challenges and quick to combat insults to his abilities.

Most recently accomplishment: Plucked a feather from 5’6" tall flightless “Red Bird” which he gathered as a mid-level test of his ability as a thief to take back to his father. The feather is flashy and he wears the feather on him.

An elven adventurer, Obherent Seedsigh, was impressed (unaware of the significance) and told Fanderbell that Port O’nor might be ripe for adventure.

Fanderbell Witherwisk

Making Port O'nor FanderbellWitherwisk